A variety of stirrers and stirrer drives are available to use glass vessels as agitated reaction equipment.

Stirrer Assemblies for use with spherical or cylindrical vessels generally comprise two main elements: drive unit ( including shaft seal ) and stirrer shaft. In addition a reducer or vessel cover is normally required to connect the top neck of the vessel to the drive unit. Please refer "Stirrer Assembling" section to understand typical arrangement of stirrer fitted in a vessel.

The most common types of drive unit are electrical and the speed can be varied within set limits. Fixed speed & variable speed motors with regulators can be supplied as per requirement in flameproof and non-flameproof versions.

Stirrer shaft seals are designed to operate either with vacuum in the vessel or at pressure up to the maximum recommended for the vessel in question.

Stirrer shafts are either Glass or MS/SS PTFE lined. Various types are available from which a version suitable for a particular application can be chosen.


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