Vessels provide the optimum solution for every requirement encountered in practice because of the wide range of types available. Vessels in either basic or jacketed form are essential components of many units, and plants, both large and small. They can be combined with various components such as Vessel Covers, Stirrers, stirrer drives and heat exchangers to construct a widely varying range of stirred units and reaction units. The range is supplemented by complete assemblies such as mobile vessels, horizontal separators and cyclones.

In most of glass plants, vessels are used as reactors, receivers, separators and measuring or feed vessels.

Vessels are available in spherical shape from 5 to 500Ltr. and in cylindrical shape from 5 to 800Ltr. capacity.

Cylindrical vessels can be supplied with metal /glass jacket also.

All Vessels are provided with a bottom outlet for which a suitable valve can be chosen from range of valves.

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