Column Components provide the optimum solution for every requirement encountered in practice viz. operations such as
distillation, rectification, absorption, reaction and extraction because of the wide range of different components available. This
applies not only to the various types of column and pipe sections available ( Plain, Jacketed and with or without internals ) als
availability of the wide selection of internals like random and structured packing that can be supplied.

These items are widely used in the chemicals, pharmaceutical and allied industries together with other applications such as
food and drink production, dye works and electroplating. This is because of the special properties of borosilicate glass 3.3 and
PTFE together with the special materials that are used in some instances. Borosilicate glass offers many advantages like :-

* Inert to almost all chemicals hence no risk of contamination.

* Transparency allows visual monitoring of the process, flow patterns, color changes etc.

* Almost universal resistance to corrosion.

* Smooth surface permits easy cleaning and prevents fouling.

Reference should also be made in this context to the extreme reliability of the strong and high - duty coupling system used for
all components. This is achieved throughout the whole range of nominal sizes by the use of the safety buttress end which has
been designed specifically taking into account the properties of the material, coupled with a reliable flange system.

The complete range of standard column components is described on the following pages. Non standard components can also be supplied to special order.




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