Couplings are a strong and high - duty system providing maximum reliability with the minimum of maintenance. This is achieved throughout the whole range of nominal sizes by the use of the safety buttress end, which has been designed specifically to take into account the properties of the material, coupling with corrosion resistant, easy to install. The materials are selected to consider both the type of products being handled in the plant and equipment and also possibility that they may be located in a corrosive atmosphere.

Various types of couplings are available to join borosilicate glass 3.3 components together to install operable pipelines and process plants. They are designed to comply not only with the requirements of GMP-compliant installations but also consider the fact that glass plant and pipeline often has to operate in relatively corrosive environments.

The couplings used with glass equipment are important from two main points of the view :

- They must ensure the effective seal of the joint.
- They should not include any undue stress in the glass.
- They must be reliable in all service conditions.

In this section we have covered couplings to join glass components together as well as to join glass component with a other metal equipment.


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