Heat Exchangers provide optimum solution for every requirement encountered in practice because of the wide range of
types available. This applies not only to coil type heat exchangers which are available as condensers, boilers, and immersion
heat exchangers but also to shell and tube exchangers which are designed for use with tubes in the widest possible range of
corrosion resistant materials.

These items are widely used in the chemicals, pharmaceutical and allied industries for various duties like condensation, cooling, heating, evaporation etc. This is because of the special properties of borosilicate glass 3.3. The overall heat transfer coefficient of Borosilicate glass equipment compare favorably with many alternative materials because of its smooth surface which improves the film coefficient and reduce the tendency of fouling.

Heat Exchangers are available in two basic types :-

  • Coil Type.
  • Shell & Tube Type.


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