Multi Stage Mixer Settlers are used for liquid-liquid extraction process wherever there is huge demand towards flexibility in plant operations. Frequently changing products, alterations to the number of stages required or wide variation in through put can play decisive factors in this process. They are frequently used where the number of stages required is small.

Scaling-up presents no problem since back-mixing effects can be excluded completely by the light and heavy phases in each stage. When properly sized, each practical stage also corresponds approximately to a theoretical Stage.

Each mixer-settler stage consists of a mixing chamber with a self-priming, variable speed stirrer as shown in the Diagram below and a horizontal separator without reducer on the inlet side i.e. the two phases are mixed in stage then allowed to settle and separate from each other. The assemblies indicated i.e. mixer & settler zone are physically separated by a weir fitted within the flanges by coupling.

By connecting several mixer settler stages in service and arranging for the phases to flow countercurrent  to each other, the plant can be adapted to handle the particular separation problem in hand.

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