Bellows are important elements in the construction of borosilicate glass 3.3 plant and pipeline. They can be used not only to compensate for expansion and contraction due to changes in temperature but also to avoid stress within plant or to ensure stress-free connection to other components, usually in other materials, which could induce vibration ( e.g service lines, pumps, stirred vessels, etc). The versions described below take into account these various applications.

Bellow flanges are supplied in either epoxy resin coated,cast iron or stainless steel. Screw, nuts and compression springs are stainless steel in both versions.

The complete assembly includes the high grade PTFE bellows which is in contact with the product, two flanges, limiting screws which ensure that the maximum permissible movement is not exceeded and ancillary items such as studs etc. for the couplings.


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