Tube Dia :-             Generally structure is formed with combination of 2 size of tubings, (e.g. 25NB & 15NB or 30NB & 15NB ), the bigger is noted as "Heavy" and smaller as "Light". While main structure is formed with heavy tubings, the supports can be of heavy or light both.

Columns :-            
In most of the cases tubular structure is assembled in single column. However, different situations may require up to 3 columns. One column structure is made with four vertical tubes, two column structure is made with six and four column structure is made with eight vertical tubes. In some cases, structure is made with two vertical tubes, which is called half-column structure.

Frames :-               
Frames are necessary to form a structure in two ways, one; to provide initial shape to the structure, two; to provide base for support tubings. Frames can be single, or double (between two columns), or triple (between three columns). Further, C Frames ( open from front ) or U Frames ( Open from side ) can be used instead of complete frame if require.

Supports :-           
Supports are of three types : Double, Single and Cantilever. Double supports are those which uses two parallel tubes placed over the frame. Double supports are require for 3" and above items. Single supports are used to supports 2" or smaller items. It uses single tube placed over the frame. Cantilever supports are used for lateral supports, mostly outside the structure. It uses single tube, one end clamped with structure's vertical tube, other end remains cantilever.

Tie & Step :-         
Ties and Steps are used to tie two vertical tubes, either to keep them in parallel or to use it to climb on structure. While ties are made with the forming of main structure ( For e.g. on open side of U Frame ), steps are fixed after words, from outside, when main structure is already assembled. Steps are also useful when it is require to be removed to insert a big glass item from the open side. Ties and steps can be made in any of columns in lengthwise or in width.

Cross Bar :-          
Cross bar frames can be constructed at any height along with the structure. This is made to supports a big item, outside the structure, without providing separate legs to that frame.

Bracing :-      
Bracing are require to support the tubular structure along with an existing wall or ceiling.