Structures are designed to support plant and other equipment comprising components exclusively or principally in borosilicate glass 3.3 because of the special requirements resulting from the use of this material, structures are now available in the form of a proven modular system that not only meets standard requirements but also provides or facilitates solutions for problems of a very special nature.

Basically these structure consist of steel tubing in three different diameters which is connected using the appropriate fittings. As a result, the structures can not only be dismantled and reassembled whenever required but they can also be modified and added to quite easily. The modular system also includes components for establishing fixed points, supporting spherical and cylindrical vessels and horizontal cylindrical components plus a wide range of supports, to mention just the most important items. The result is an extremely flexible system.

The full range of components, which are available as standard in galvanized mild steel and to some extent in stainless steel, is described in this section. Special versions, which are available on request, are referred to under the respective product descriptions.

Glass plants are normally supported in a tubular structure formed of galvanized steel tubes. This type of structure is proven robust and flexible over many years.



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